Sailing Sport – History, News, Categories & Popular Races


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History & Beginnings

Sailing has been in vogue many years ago, it was commonly used for fishing, travelling and recreation. So, sailing only became a sport around the 17th century when the Dutch were said to race their yatch for fun. The Dutch gave their yatch to Charles 11 after which the court became popular also in England and America.

However, until the second half of the 20th century, catching was known to be a luxury sport, played only by the rich people/elites. This changed when woods became more available to make planks for construction around the 1950s and 1960s. Nowadays, sailing is a sport for all and sundry. As ships are not relatively less expensive and readily available to sail on rivers, lakes etc.

The beauty of this sport goes beyond what words can describe, unlike the surfing (using boards), it is relatively safer and so virtually anyone can participate in this sport as long as they are well trained for it. The idea is to prevent your ship from lying follow. Why not get your friends and family, set your yacht on sail and have the fun of your life.

To participate in sailing sport, you would value the experiences more, if you know the history of sailing sport and you attend a sailing school/class for beginners. This way you can join an array of other racers in the world top racing events.

The Basics of Sailing Sport

Being interested in this kind of sport is not enough; it is not like soccer that has minimal risks. Sailing sports is quite technical and that’s why you need to attend a sailing school before you should boldly and courageously go ahead to sail. Such as sailing school is easily accessible at Scotland. Here, you are taught the very basics of sail sports, down to the nitty-gritty of playing the sport excellently.

Yacht Racing Events

Private yacht racing, cruising regattas and other events – Participants in the world’s most significant nautical events deserve the first-class service. We transport the most famous racing yachts in the world with precision and absolute care, ensuring that no destination is out of your reach. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our team and our … Continue reading Yacht Racing Events

Competitive Sailing

Yacht sailing is a sport based to control the dynamics of a boat powered only by the wind in its sails. Sailing as a sport can be recreational or competitive. Sailing competitions are called regattas and sailboats. Light candle and Cruise Sail Sailboats are considered to be those of smaller lengths, set on land before … Continue reading Competitive Sailing


This water sport consists of completing a tour in the shortest possible time, moving on water in boats driven solely by the force of the wind on their sails: sailboats, capable of reaching high speeds. Sailing, as a sport, can be recreational or competitive. There are three primary modalities of sailing competitions: Olympic triangles, ocean … Continue reading Sailing

Boat Racing

Today we are talking about races, but not just any races! Here are our top 10 most important boat races! America’s Cup It is the oldest and the most mythical. It must be said that the first one took place in 1851! It goes hand in hand with the Louis Vuitton Cup, as it is … Continue reading Boat Racing


From old age, coastal towns built boats to fish or move through the water. The next step was to set out to explore other territories. The origins of sailing go back thousands of years. Since primitive times man has felt the vital need to enter the sea, either to get food or to explore new … Continue reading Origins

Classes and Categories

Sailing is a water sport, practiced in open water, where the Yacht is moved by the action of the wind on the sails. In 1868 it was recognized as a sport. The competitions are called regattas. In them, nine boats participate and are divided into light sailing, cruising sail, and Olympic sailing. The International Sailing … Continue reading Classes and Categories

The World’s Top Boat Racing Events

Boat racing has now gone global and its relevance cannot be overemphasized. Just like every other sporting activities, boat racing activities have a way of fostering unity amidst the participants regardless of their different ages, race, or background. With this in mind it is no news that some boat racing events have stood out, over the years and this made them top the list.

One popular world boat racing event is: The boat race/Xchanging that race, located at Thames river, London, England.

Types and Classes

Boat racing is broadly classified into 3, determining how watercraft is powered.

  • Human-powered boat racing

The classes here include: Dragon boat racing and Rowing sport, kayak racing, canoe racing etc.

  • Sail-powered boat racing

The classes under this rule of boat racing include: yatch racing, team racing.

  • Motorboat racing

The classes under this rule of boat racing includes: Inshore powerboat racing, offshore powerboat racing, XCAT racing, drag boat racing

Not all the classes are mentioned, as this is just a brief list, however, the choice to make is exclusively yours. Make sure your preference is not be tampered with when it comes to sailing sport, it is your choice that determines the level of satisfaction you derive from the sport.

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