The Yacht

Westbound Adventurer is one of 30 or so cruising versions of the popular Sigma 33 OOD, of which some 300 have been built.

The cruising version has a powerful masthead rig with a smaller mainsail area than the racing version. Westbound Adventurer is unique among the cruising version with her tandem wing keel. This gives her reduced draught, increases her stiffness in strong winds and helps reduce pitching in a seaway.

Westbound Adventurer is a strong and seaworthy boat for sail training, yet retains all the characteristics of a performance cruiser. She is fully compliant with the stringent new safety requirements for sail training vessels, and carries a comprehensive inventory of safety equipment.


As can be seen from the above schematic, there are two berths in the forward cabin and four in the main cabin. The toilet and wet locker separates the forward and main cabins. There is ample room round the saloon table for six adults to eat in comfort. The galley is to starboard with the navigation station to port, as illustrated above.


All meals, snacks etc. are provided. Everyone on board including the skipper shares the preparation of food and washing up. Cleaning the yacht at the end of a course takes at least one hour.

Please Note


Westbound Adventurer is not a luxury charter yacht and the accommodation, while comfortable, is not spacious. Your principal believes however that the Sigma 33 is an ideal size and type of yacht for sail training. Tiller steering will teach you more about helming than a wheel, and the position of the sail controls close to the helmsman means you are always in control. She sails beautifully and is highly manoevreable under both sail and power.