Boat Racing

Today we are talking about races, but not just any races! Here are our top 10 most important boat races!

  1. America’s Cup

It is the oldest and the most mythical. It must be said that the first one took place in 1851! It goes hand in hand with the Louis Vuitton Cup, as it is the winner of the latter, the challenger, who defends the former winner, the defender. His name? It comes from an old competition, The Hundred Guineas Cup, won in 1851 by a schooner, America, against the 14 Best British ships.

  1. The Vendee Globe

Around the world in solitude, without stopovers, and without assistance, just like that! The race – nicknamed “Everest of the sea” because of its difficulty – takes to the sea every four years in Vendee. The record improved in 2013 by François Gabart, is 76 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 40 seconds. The first to win this race is a certain Titouan Lamazou.

  1. The Volvo Ocean Race

Formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Race, this race is made in stages and is reserved only for monohulls. In 2012, the start was given in Alicante, Spain and nine stages late,r the race ended in Galway, Ireland. It was the Groupama Sailing Team that won this year’s race out of the six competing teams.

  1. The Route of the Rum

Here no round the world, a “simple” crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, in the footsteps of the ancient merchant ships. Created in response to the refusal of 56 boats considered too big by the English, it is relatively short (barely 10 days) and connects every four years Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre. But the Atlantic is deceitful, there are many abandonments and accidents…

  1. The Jules Verne Trophy

It’s not really a race. But this trophy encompasses all the races and rewards the fastest. In line with the 80 – day world tour, the goal is – without stops or assistance, but as a team to complete the world tour as quickly as possible (i.e. more than 40,000 km). The price is unique and is passed on in case of a new record. It is owned by Lock Peyron and his 14 team-mates aboard the trimaran Maxi Banque Populaire V, the real Usain Bolt marine.

  1. The Solitaire of the Figaro

The Solitaire du Figaro is a fairly typical race: it takes place every three years, never has the same course and is divided into 3 or 4 stages. Another characteristic is that sailors do not have a choice of the boat; it is the same for everyone. So amateurs can take part, especially since it lasts only ten days. It is one of the most anticipated nautical races in France.

  1. The Transat Jacques Vabre

It’s called Coffee Road. She makes the harbor in South America (for two years Costa Rica), and often serves as preparation for the Vendee Globe, especially for large boats. Its originality is that, although it lasts only ten days (for the best only!), it can be done both alone and in pairs.

  1. Admiral’s Cup

It was the equivalent of Wimbledon for sailing, the rendezvous of all the world’s greatest sailors, a sort of championship of the world of sailing on the high seas. But since 2005, the famous admiral’s Cup is no longer, for lack of participants… but rest assured, we have been talking for some time about a triumphal return of one of the most prestigious of all sea races!

  1. The Fastnet Race

This is one of the hardest, most challenging and most dangerous water races ever. It was founded in 1925 and brings together the world’s greatest skippers. But in 1979, no less than 15 sailors died, and of the 306 boats that left, only 86 crossed the finish line, the others were forced to abandon by raging elements.

  1. The Tall Ship’s Race

Here we play in the heavyweight category. Even very heavy. Why? Because it is the biggest sailing ships in the world that compete, the training ships, measuring between 10 and 115 meters in length, which very often pass the bar of the hundred tons… all this to promote international friendship and Exchange. There is even a prize for the most boat friendly, the Sail Training International Friendship Trophy!